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Sportspeople are respected and have enormous amounts of influence on their fans, teams and clubs. The world needs trusted role models to showcase new ways of living sustainably and fairly.


All sport is in danger of becoming obsolete if humanity fails to engage in urgent transformative change. 

Sport LOCAL For Life calls for more sporting opportunities for all ages and abilities in all communities. It calls for teams, clubs and governing bodies to vision the transition and future in such ways that make it inviting, exciting and irresistible. 

Sport LOCAL For Life doesn't mean no travelling. It means balancing goals, such as being champion of the world, with being a champion for the Earth, by travelling sustainably using public and active transport.

Athletes are invited to pledge their support for their team, club and governing body to sign up to Sport LOCAL For Life, creating a more sustainable future for the sport they love. 

Athletes are invited to sign up to Champions For Earth, a group that educate, inspire and support past and present sportspeople to speak and act for climate and nature however they feel motivated.

Join Champions For Earth

Why Sport LOCAL ? 

More frequently the effects of climate change are impacting athletes directly through, ill effects caused by air pollution, heatstroke and pandemics to events being postponed or cancelled due to diminishing ice and snow, severe weather events destroying sporting infrastructure, sports halls turned over to cooling centres during unprecedented heatwaves and so on.. 

We witnessed a Winter Olympics with virtually no real snow and a summer Olympics plagued by a global pandemic and excessive heat. 

The climate, nature and health crises put the future of sport, and the world at stake. We must act now to prevent it getting worse. 

Skiing with ski poles

Examples of  eco-athletes:

Sport LOCAL For Life doesn't mean not travelling, it does mean travelling sustainably, slower and by whatever means possible to avoid adding emissions to your carbon footprint. Trains, sailboats, bikes, swimming! etc, making for much more of a travel adventure and without the guilt from high emission aviation.  

Innes FitzGerald running 2022.jpg

Innes FitzGerald

British Junior Runner

Damian Hall

Ultra Runner

Woman serving tennis ball


Your sport

Brendon Bale

Green Gazelles Rugby Team

"Sport has the power to change the world" - N.Mandela

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