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For the love of sport, the participants, the fans and all life on Earth -  will sport choose Sport Local For Life?

Sports Stadium

is the rapid response to the climate, nature and health emergency needed for sport's survival.

We are calling on sport governing bodies, clubs and teams, from local to international, to use their power and platforms to communicate the severity of the climate emergency, and act towards the creation of flourishing and sustainable sporting communities.

Sport LOCAL calls for a boost in sporting opportunities for all ages and abilities, helping to reconnect communities and improve people's well-being, whilst engaging in urgent and immediate decarbonisation and restoration of nature.

Sport has tremendous power to influence.
With power comes responsibility .

The current model for sport isn't working. Sport is not an innocent bystander, it is a significant contributor to the climate crisis. Carbon footprinting expert Mike Berners-Lee has claimed that “the Qatar 2022 World Cup is the highest carbon event of any kind, apart from a war, that humans have ever staged.” 

Olympianism emphasises joy, effort and equal access to sport. Let us reconnect with the original grassroots benefits of sport for all and stop contributing to the destruction of our planet. 


Pause pollution, await solutions and focus on Sport LOCAL For Life.  

Unleash the power of imagination to collectively vision an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding transition towards an irresistible and sustainable future.

Book Olympians Etienne Stott and Laura Baldwin to deliver an empowering online or in person workshop. 

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