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Educate and EMPOWER 

The climate and nature emergency is so bad that only radical ambitious re-imagining for sport and for society will suffice. Sport can showcase the future we need in exciting ways so that people want it. 

Sport could play a big positive role in changing the world. 

Host a Sport Imaginarium

Book Olympians Etienne Stott and Laura Baldwin to facilitate a participatory discussion that engages participants imaginations and leaves them feeling empowered to take action.

Visioning the transition to zero emission nature first sport, seeing it as exciting, fulfilling and rewarding. Invite everyone to imagine their role and purpose in creating this irresistible future. 

Guide for hosting your own Sport Imaginarium click link

Archery Targets

What is your carbon footprint? 

Giki is a fantastic online tool for measuring your carbon footprint and helping you reduce it.

Click here to get started

Planet Made of Plastic
Love the Earth

Champions For Earth 

Champions For Earth educates, inspires and supports past and present sportspeople to speak and act for climate and nature however they feel motivated to.  

Website Link

Champions For Earth calendar of talks link

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AimHI Earth - Training

AimHi are on a mission to ensure everyone understands the full picture of the climate and nature crisis, and is motivated to be a part of the solution, in order to accelerate nature-centric decision-making.

They do this by providing accessible and engaging live, online climate training and education, curated for people and organisations, backed by data and delivered at scale.

Website Link


Flight Free Travel 

Flight Free; 'Our aim is to challenge the norm when it comes to flying, and shift the narrative away from taking flights as the default. When lots of people take action together, that's when real change happens.' 

Flight Free podcast and articles explore alternative methods of travel. Being Flight Free doesn't mean not travelling.. 


Fan Hubs

Fan hubs are a brilliant way to connect communities and enjoy watching sport together with people who share their passion, excitements and disappointments together in communal spaces accessible by active and public transport. Suitable spaces include, parks, town centres, riversides, community halls, pubs, homes etc

Fans still travelling to live events when it is possible to do so by public or active transport. 

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