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For the love of sport, the participants, the fans and all life on Earth
-  will sport choose Sport LOCAL For Life?

Female Soccer Players

Sport has tremendous power to influence.
With power comes responsibility .

Sports Facility

More sport

More sport for all ages and abilities; easier access so that more people can participate in a wider range of sports and sporting experiences. 

Team Spirit

A buzzing local scene

Sporting heroes spending more time in their communities and new local heroes are created.

Fans enjoying sporting events together in fan hubs with massive spectator energy.

Kayaking on a Lake

Health and happiness

Sport focuses on  participation, wellbeing and joy. More people gain access to the mental and physical health benefits of sport, enjoying activity for its own sake.

Positive benefits of Sport LOCAL For Life

Biker on Mountain Top

Healthy environment

Restoring nature and reducing pollution: clean air, water and soil, for everyone. Sporting venues become places of deep health with thriving human, animal and plant life.

Tennis Player in Wheelchair

Sport for all

Increased access to sport for all demographics. Facilities, equipment and advice so everyone can be involved.

Water Polo Players

Healthy communities filled with happy, healthy people. Joy and wellbeing at the centre of communities connected by sport.

Thriving communities

Sport LOCAL For Life is a collective mission to inspire and prompt the implementation of positive change for the future of sport and humanity in response to the climate, nature and health emergency.

Recognising sports incredible power of influence, this is aimed at local to international sporting governing bodies, teams, clubs and athletes. 

Sport can showcase the transition in exciting, appealing and rewarding ways, engaging the majority of humanity so making positive change happen fast. 


We are calling for a boost in local sporting opportunities for all ages and abilities, helping to

reconnect communities and improve people’s wellbeing, whilst engaging in rapid and urgent decarbonisation and restoration of nature. 

This is about your team, your club, your country. Whatever level you take part in sport, we will all be affected, in our lifetimes. 

So, what does Sport LOCAL For Life look like for your team, club, sport? 

We believe in the power of collective visioning to re-imagine each sport in this most critical moment.

Book Olympians, Etienne Stott and Laura Baldwin to deliver an  empowering online or in person talk and workshop. 

Unleash the power of imagination to collectively vision an exciting, appealing and rewarding transition towards an irresistible and sustainable future.

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