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Sport LOCAL For Life

Co-founded by British Olympians, Laura Baldwin and Etienne Stott. Backed by scientists, Dr Peter Kalmus and Professor Kevin Anderson.

Aimed at international to local sports governing bodies, clubs, teams and athletes. We are calling for collective re-imagining of an exciting, engaging and rewarding transition to ZERO EMISSION NATURE FIRST SPORT. 

Take action today, request an information pack, confidential zoom discussion, online or in person workshops including a facilitated participatory 'Sport Imaginarium', keynote speakers and sign up to our newsletter.


Sport Local For Life is a vision of a clear-eyed and inspirational emergency response to the environmental crisis. It is the adoption of a leadership position that will both inspire and create positive change, embracing the responsibility that comes with sport’s huge reach and power to influence. 


With Sport Local, there would be a move to re-localise sport with an emphasis on reconnecting with grassroots values of participation, wellbeing, community and joy.  Simultaneously, the international sporting calendar would be refocused onto pinnacle events, minimising the impact of international competition schedules.

Sport Local would bring more sport to more people, increasing mental, physical and community health and at the same time demonstrating that tackling the climate and ecological emergency will bring many benefits. Sport Local is the embodiment of a desire for people today and in the future to enjoy sport and the many benefits it brings, as well as protecting all life on earth.

Visioning Sport LOCAL


Read: Joe's vision for a day in the life of an athlete in 2030

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Look: poster featuring 6 reasons to keep sport local 

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Listen: podcast with Olympian Laura Baldwin and Sky Sports Presenter, David Garrido

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What could Sport LOCAL look like where you live?

We have to first dream it, before we can achieve it.

This is an invitation to vision how 2030 could be if we did everything possible between now and then to address the multiple crises we face. This is fun. Allow yourself time to daydream, imagine how much better life could be, in fact, lets make it as exciting, delightful and irresistible as possible so that people want to make the positive changes happen..  

What could Sport LOCAL look like where you live? How can you help to rapidly respond to the climate and nature emergency through sport?


Share your plans with us today, ask for help to host an online or in person workshop.

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